If You Take a Children’s Author to a Bookstore

If you take a children’s author to a bookstore, what will she do?

  • She will carefully examine the new releases specially displayed for young readers to see.
  • She will check out the end cap displays of the titles that have bookstoregained a high level of popularity.
  • She will stop to look at the seasonal books, with an eye for her own proposal ideas… and consider purchasing a few (or more) for the young readers in her family.
  • She will explore the creative, reading areas that call to young readers and their families and consider making such a magical place, again, for her own young reader family members.
  • She will stop to chat with the manager about what is popular with kids and what the manager wishes would be published.
  • She will search for books in all the genres she writes – devotionals, nonfiction, chapter books, and middle grade fiction.
  • She will sit for a bit and make notes, all the while listening to the excited requests from young readers for this title or that one.
  • She will check the shelves for her own titles and be thankful for the opportunity to be there.

What do you like to do when you visit a bookstore?


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