The Story Behind My Books

I was teaching 10 and 11 year olds in a public school. When it got to be time for the Scholastic Book Fair, I noticed that my students were bringing back books with a particular format, something that encouraged them to write or draw their response to a prompt.

I also noticed that kids will all different reading levels (average, struggling, and advanced) loved the books. They were so enthusiastic about the books that we cancelled reading class for that day and enjoyed reading the books they had purchased.

Later that day, I headed down the hall to the Book Fair. I wanted to find out more about the popular books.The parent in charge of the event confirmed their popularity. In fact, she was having difficulty keeping enough of them in stock. The kids kept buying them out!

I decided that we should have devotionals for kids in the same engaging format. What an exciting day to connect with an editor at Zonderkidz who felt the same way!

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